Commercial Mortgage

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Commercial Mortgage

If you are looking for subsequent assistance for commercial property lending, Benson Mortgages is the appropriate place where you should approach at. We can help!

Commercial Mortgages

We have adequate experience and our expert team is capable of dealing with all sorts of commercial lending, property management and real estate development. This happens quite frequently that we refer the assistance of real mortgage brokers who holds the capability of offering commercial financing for mortgages. We have been linked with the leaders of the industry and the private lenders as well and this in turn allow us to provide you with the below mentioned beneficial aspects:

  • Streamline Transactions
  • Negotiation for the best price
  • Align proprietors on innovate solutions

We take the pride to admit that our established business model not only ensures the best deals from the eminent lenders of the industry, also a customized solution to all your commercial and residential property needs.

Case Study

Financing a Luxury Condo

Need a loan with flexible lending criteria and negotiable terms? Need it done fast? Are you a first time home buyer? We can help!
Home Value: Current Mortgage: Need:
$ 1,070,000 $ 0 $ 770,000


Client purchased a luxury condo pre-construction and put forth a $300,000 deposit

In the time it took for the condo to be build, the client went through a difficult divorce that left his finances in disarray and bruised his credit history Volatile values make these types of properties undesirable for major lending institutions The client had lots of skin in the game and it was too late to walk away from the deal


1st mortgage for $ 790,000

Manageable monthly payments and a completely open term

Client did not lose his deposit

The property was sold at a premium and the client paid no mortgage prepayment penalty

If you're considering getting a mortgage in the Ontario Canada area our private lenders make it easy. We work with a large pool of lenders and have access to bulk discounts that allow us to offer you the very best deals in the province.


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FOR UP TO $300,000