How Millennials Might Change the Post-Lockdown Housing Landscape

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This quarantine has been tough on everyone, but perhaps the group that has been affected the most are millennials. Why? Well, millennials are easily affected by almost anything, and we like to make current issues about ourselves.  For this newsletter we polled a group of 100 millennials to get their thoughts on the quarantine, see how they’ve held up, and if there is any hope for returning to a normal life.

Poll Results

78% believe a dog can help their relationship during quarantine.
22% believe a cat will intentionally destroy their relationship.

61% are itching to see their friends and enjoy the summer weather.
39% are taking this time to indulge in their introverted lifestyle, including binging Netflix, becoming famous DJs, and cutting their bangs.

75% have been perfecting their dance moves on TikTok.
25% have since deleted the app because of its egregious privacy violations and security concerns.

50% have discovered how to care for their sourdough starter in a way their parents have never loved them.
50% are now on a first name basis with their food delivery driver.

60% will move back in with their parents and live with them into their 40s.
40% would rather have independence by buying a tiny home and parking it in their parents’ backyard.

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We hope you found this a fun read! There is a lot going on in the world right now and a little humour can go a long way.  Whether you’re in the market for a tiny home or a full-size home, contact Benson Mortgages to take advantage of today’s property market!

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