We had a great experience working with Benson mortgages team! Very professional, gave us the best rate they could find, quick proactive and easy to work with. Highly recommend Bogdan and his team.

Nov, 2022
Yuliya Bond

I’ve got the best mortgage rate I could find. I will recommend Benson Mortgages to my friends. TNX!

Nov, 2022
Paul Lemeshko

Got my approval quick and the process for our first purchase went smoothly. I would highly recommend them to anyone in need of financing, refinancing etc.

Nov, 2014
Roman Moroz

It was pleasure working with Benson Mortgages team. They listened carefully to the requirements and provided prompt approval with excellent rate like magician.They are knowledgeable and great in communication. I will highly recommend them to all.

Sep, 2014

Amson Tack

I need a councelling of mortgage. Benson mortgages help me a lot. Thanks. Just want to say that they are best real estate makers in Canada for commercial financing, construction financing, mortgage lenders in toronto, second mortgage, third mortgage etc.

Aug, 2014

Aluen Mahark

I was desperately looking to buy a new home and I was searching for the best mortgages rates in Toronto. One of my friend suggest me to try Benson Mortgage to get mortgage in low rates. It helps me a lot to find the best mortgage rate and help me to become a home owner. Thanks a lot.

Nov, 2015

Aldyn Brown

I work with Benson Mortgages for several years now, and every time they managed to offer the best rate and the best deal around. I definitely recommend them for your mortgage needs.

Sep, 2016

Ada Neznamov

Working with Bogdan was a seamless process. He is very knowledgeable and was always looking out for my best interests. The Benson team made me feel comfortable throughout the entire loan process and provided excellent customer service. Bogdan and Nicol, thank you for the professional and efficient handling of my refinancing. Highly recommended!

Jul, 2017


As a first time buyer, Bogdan was an amazing mortgage broker. I have dealt with a few other brokers finding Bogdan and based on that experience, he was significantly better. I had lots of questions and Bogdan patiently addressed each on all throughout the process. He spent so much time explaining all my options and terms, without ever pressuring me. He was always very prompt in his replies and if he didnt know something, he would immediately look into it and get me an answer. Leading up to closing day and afterwards, he was always available and kept checking in to see how things were going. His rates were the best i’ve gotten and he even gave me some tips on how to pay off my mortgage faster. I would highly recommend Bogdan and his team to anyone buying a home in Toronto. I will definitely be using him for all my future purchases too. Thanks Bogdan!!

May, 2016

David Gal

Super friendly and easy staff to deal with. Highly recommend !!

Feb, 2018

Vlad Zaplishny

We are very happy to have our financial broker Vicky with us. She is friendly, knowledgeable, high efficiency, very patient to answer every question and provide advice. We would recommend to all. Many thanks.

May, 2018

H Sychie

The best broker in GTA way better then Dr mortGage. Hes very knowledgeable and listens well.

Aug, 2018


Highly recommend. Helped me immensely with getting mortgage with a great rate.

Jun, 2020

 Kostiantyn Sokolinskyi

I want to send a big thank you to all the brokers at Benson. Customer service was incredible and even with the little knowledge I had about mortgages, I understood everything clearly after sitting down with one of the brokers. Benson works hard for its clients and got me a better rate than even the bank.

Dec, 2020

Daniel Momot

I’ve been using Benson Mortgages for many years now. I am a professional accountant and always recommend Anton to my clients whenever they have financing questions or looking for financing. Highly recommend for everyone.

May, 2020

Kristofer Starkov

Working with Benson Mortgages was an absolute pleasure. The whole team was responsive and knowledgeable. Thanks to Anton and his team we got the loan we needed in a timely manner.

Apr, 2020

Alexis Smith

Many thanks to these guys for making it possible to get my dream home. amazing service, would highly recommend!!

Jul, 2020

Aamir Patel

This company literally made my dream come true, finally got my house that i have wished for years! Would recommend this company to everyone, thanks so much guys! 5 stars is not enough!

Jun, 2020

Zakiya Khand

Stellar performance in finding me the best mortgage on the market, but also support through changing of mortgage banks, minimizing fees and arranging all necessary paperwork!
Now I am reviewing their invesment opportunities, they sound very interesing.

Oct, 2021

Slava Belkov

I am very fortunate I have dealt with Bogdan Muzychka and the team as Benson Mortgages. They helped with getting a great mortgage rate in 2016 via StreetCapital financial (currently RFA) plus advised on how NOT TO PROCEED with useless refinancing to avoid penalties when my mortgage was going to mature on May 2 2021 and closing date for the house sale was on May 28 2021. The option which even the financial institution did not want to disclose. I do recommend Benson mortgages to all my friends, family and co-workers.

Sep, 2021

Anton Lysytsin


Medical student and first time homebuyer. Anton Muzychka is a true professional, and I would recommend him to anyone looking to purchase a property. He made the process easy to navigate for a first time homebuyer, and was always available to answer my calls whenever I had a question. Furthermore, he was able to find solutions to get me a mortgage when many other brokers said no solution can be found. My realtor and real estate lawyer were both enthused to work with Anton, stating multiple times that he was professional, skilled, and constantly on the ball prior to the closing date. 10/10 would recommend!

Nov, 2021

Sammy Al Rubaie

I recently had the pleasure of working with Bogdan and the team at Benson Mortgages. They were very helpful, professional and always ready to explain and answer any and all questions I had. They got me a great mortgage at a great rate. Our deal went very smooth and quick. I would highly recommend them. You will not be disappointed.

Sep, 2021

Danny Cordeiro

Got my second mortgage with these guys. Best deal around.

Dec, 2021

Stand Studios

Highly responsive and professional even on a Sunday.

Aug, 2021

Marco Pagnani

Excellent service, quick response, make promise fulfilled on time. Advise to work with.

Aug, 2022


Pleasure to work with! They took the time to find the best solution for my situation. I’ve dealt with lots of brokerages in the past and these guys are with you every step of the way, highly recommended.

Sep, 2022

A. K.

If you have ever tried to get a mortgage as a self employed individual, you know how difficult it is to get a mortgage in this city, esp with the cost of housing. I have been a client of Benson Mortgages for the last 7 years, opting for 1 year term mortgages as the rates were always better. They have always been able to provide the best rates and ease of securing a mortgage
My last purchase was a home at the height of property values in TO last fall, with mulitple offers and chasing bids to finally have our offer accepted. The issue however was the homes in the area had never been sold at the price we had to pay. Because of the multiple offers, we were forced to pay well over asking and well over previous home sales in the area. Bogdan was able to get the value properly appraised and made what could have been a disastrous situation , a fairly easy task. The net result, we were able to close the deal and will be renewing again this fall with some very innovative financing options that I wasn’t aware were possible. Thank you Benson Mortgages , we are grateful for all your efforts and help on purchasing our home(s). There are many mortgage brokers promising too good to be true interest rates but my experience has been they are full of hype and unable to deliver. If you are in need of securing a mortgage, or looking for innovative financing options and investments, I highly recommend their services. You have a lifelong client.

May, 2021

Alexander Nterekas

Refinancing our home with Benson was one of the best financial decisions we ever made. We paid off thousands in credit card debt, added on a new deck, and only increased our regular monthly mortgage payments by $200! The amazing interest rate that these guys negotiated for us took the stress out of the over 18% interest rates on our credit cards! I cannot thank you enough for the feeling of financial security.

Jun, 2021

Dan G.

Understanding all of the current rates and legal issues with buying our first home was overwhelming before we came to Benson. They sat down with us and took the time to explain everything in terms we could appreciate and understand. They alleviated the stress we were feeling and allowed us to get approved for our dream home when we thought it was impossible. Much gratitude, we would highly recommend them!

Mar, 2018

Kate & Charles D.

I experienced such great customer service! Benson made it easy for me to get the help I needed and explained everything to me in a completely transparent manner. Clearly if you are in a situation where you need this service, you’re incredibly grateful for any kind of stress reduction and to have professionals on your side that are truly helpful.

Apr, 2018

Kim H.

My wife and I would like to personally thank you for the great service you and your company has provided us with regards to our mortgage needs. We previously signed up with big bank insurance company for many, many years.

Jun, 2018

Eugene and Ann L., Thornhill, Ontario

I am so grateful to you guys. I just cannot thank you enough for the job you did on my mortgage. I am not sure how you did it but the interest rate you got me is even better than my bank offered me. Excellent job!

Feb, 2017

Mrs. Svetlana K., North York, Ontario

My husband and I just want to thank Matt and the rest of the team at Benson Mortgages for helping us secure financing for our renovation. Your transparency and professionalism were greatly appreciated. You folks really care about your clients. Always presenting the options available and their pros and cons. Always taking the time to answer countless questions in a timely fashion, Never rushing through a meeting or a discussion. Always clarifying industry jargon. Thanks so much for helping us out. We highly recommend Benson Mortgages. You are truly a 5-star mortgage company!

Nov, 2017

Mary Nagai

The flexibility and support Benson offered us for our commercial development investment was impressive. We were able to secure the funds we needed with minimum hassle, and the payment plan they structured for us fits precisely with our business model. They offered us far more flexibility than we could have found working with any bank on this construction project.

Oct, 2017

Micheal P.

In the same week a freak storm took out my sunroom and car with a fallen branch. My insurance wouldn’t cover it and I didn’t know what to do. Benson offered me rates on construction financing that I could actually afford, and provided me with the loan I needed with almost no questions asked. What a life-saver!

Oct, 2017

Anthony P.

I just wanted to pass along a big thank you as I was very impressed by the level of service I received from Benson Mortgages. I will definitely recommend you to everyone I know!

May, 2016

Andrew J., North York, Ontario

I was impressed at how quickly my pre-approval went through. The level of service and rate info was outstanding, much better than dealing with a bank directly.

Jun, 2016

Alex, Vaughan, Ontario

With my credit history haunting me I didn’t think that I would ever be able to build my equity back by owning my own home. I got referred to Benson through a friend and after sitting down for a very detailed financial conversation I walked away with a private mortgage in hand, with payments I could easily manage. Thanks to the whole Benson team!

Apr, 2016

Mark T.

I just want to thank you for hooking me up with a comprehensive and affordable quote for my mortgage. You have made it very easy for me to make a decision and save thousands of dollars on low-rate mortgages.

Dec, 2015

Linda K., Toronto, Ontario

Thank you so much for helping me and my family. You did something no one else could – found me a rate that was optimal to my employment status. I never knew that comparing mortgage rates was this easy!

Jul, 2014

Paul T., Richmond Hill, Ontario

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