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We understand that qualifying for a loan can be easier said than done, depending on your venture. There are many private Mortgage lenders who, like individuals, also struggle to push deals through in the timeframe desired. At Benson, we’re able to offer fast Mortgage approvals for borrowers with proven experience in their field. If you’re looking to fund a project that’s been declined by any institution, give us a call. We’ll review your options and design creative solutions to fit your needs.

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Our loan terms are flexible because we understand that every deal is unique. We offer on-balance-sheet portfolio financing ranging from $1 million to over $400 million, fixed and floating rates that are among the most competitive in our industry, non-recourse and recourse financing, all major asset types and short to mid-length terms ranging from 1-5 years as well as terms up to ten years (for evaluated, stabilized deals). Benson offers a wide range of financing options for each stage of commercial real estate projects.

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Why a Benson Mortgage?

Benson Mortgage is built by Canadians to help Canadians, and that’s exactly what we manage to do. Our many years of experience in the industry have taught us how to bring you the best results, and we pride ourselves on doing so. So pick Benson Mortgages today, and help guarantee the value of your home.

At Benson Mortgages you can expect the submission, processing and funding of your mortgage application in Canada. You also receive updated Canadian mortgage news to help you understand the fastest and most efficient mortgage solution that is available to you.

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