2nd & 3rd Mortgages

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2nd & 3rd Mortgages

Need a Private Loan with flexible lending criteria and negotiable terms? Need it done fast? A Private 2nd or 3rd mortgage may be the answer you were looking for.

Get a 2nd or 3rd Mortgage:

  • Get a first-time mortgage, even when banks say no!
  • Use your home equity to consolidate debts
  • Refinance without paying huge penalties at the bank
  • Poor credit? Trouble proving your income? No Problem!
  • Pay off collections, proposals, tax arrears, liens, and judgments.
  • Financing Luxury Properties
  • Renovations for resale



STUDY 1: Consolidate Debts

Home Value: $850,000

Current Mortgage: $300,000

Need: $312,000


Client had excessive credit card debts at an approximate interest rate(*APR) of 19.99%

  • Excessive debts made it hard to make ends meet
  • The penalty for refinancing early was estimated at over $7,500
  • The clients were in business for themselves and have trouble verifying their income
  • Burdened by their debts, the clients were unable to pay their income tax in time

2nd mortgage for $312,000

  • Easily manageable payments of under $1818 per month
  • Paid off all outstanding credit card debts
  • Allowed the clients to regain their financial footing and get back on track.


STUDY 2: Huge Penalty for Refinancing

Home Value: $600,000

Current Mortgage: $400,000

Need: $50,000


Clients’ home needs renovations

  • Their bank is imposing an early refinancing penalty of over $13,000
  • There are 2 years left on the current mortgage term and the home needs attention now

2nd mortgage for $ 50,000

  • Monthly payment of under $ 375 on a 2 year term
  • By maturing both mortgages simultaneously, the clients will refinance at term’s end and avoid penalties


STUDY 3: Credit / Income Troubles

Home Value: $420,000

Current Mortgage: $280,000

Need: $35,000


Clients own a small family business that they acquired a couple of years ago

  • A recent family emergency took them overseas for several months leaving a few of their financial obligations unattended and triggered a dispute with a telecommunications provider
  • Upon returning to work the clients found themselves in need of a loan to get their affairs back on track.

2nd mortgage for $ 35,000

  • Monthly payment of under $ 292 on a 2 year term
  • The loan gave the clients’ business a needed jumpstart


STUDY 4: Pay Tax Arrears

Home Value: $1,200,000

Current Mortgage: $300,000

Need: $400,000


At the end of a painstaking audit, the client was left with huge tax bill

  • Overwhelmed the client went to the bank, only to learn that banks are reluctant to lend to people with tax arrears
  • The government placed liens against the client’s home and began garnishing the clients income despite his business being incorporated
  • Dealing with tax authorities while trying to run a business was too much for the client to handle alone and his business began to stumble

2nd Mortgage for $ 451,000

  • An additional $ 10,000 was lent to cover legal and accounting costs
  • Payments were taken upfront and made part of the loan
  • Garnishments and lien were removed
  • The client could focus on restructuring his business and was able to approach banks for credit once again


STUDY 5: Renovations for Resale

Home Value: $750,000/$832,000

Current Mortgage: $600,000

Need: $42,000


Knowledgeable realtor recommended that her client sell their home in a lucrative neighbourhood

  • An older property in a family oriented area, the client stood to gain from selling a renovated house
  • A cosmetic lift required around $ 45,000

2nd mortgage for $ 42,000

  • A completely open term to help reduce costs of sale
  • Realtor’s experience and our short term loan helped the client make more on their home
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