Our goal is not only to protect our shareholders equity, but also to push further with a diligent and aggressive work ethic to deliver higher returns, year after year.

Higher Returns

Compared to bonds and GIC’s, mortgage investments offer more substantial returns. At Benson, we pool your assets with other investors’ to make large investments in a range of securities. Our investments flourish on account of our established relationships within the mortgaging and property development industries. We encourage you to take advantage of our large network and join us as we develop our extensive portfolio. Start receiving reliable income from the returns, make your money work harder for you, and benefit from our established industry ties.

Lower Volatility

Reduce your portfolios volatility by investing in private mortgages to round out your investment mix. They add a non-correlated component to portfolios and typically do not fluxuate based on changes in the equity or bond markets. There are few types of investments that can reliably produce return rates that are 10 times greater than a typical money market rates that also provide the benefit of highly-controlled and well managed risk. The key to grossing from this type of investment is aligning yourself with a corporation, like Benson, who specializes in this type of risk management with an extensive history of success.

Secure Investments

Our mortgage investments produce a reliable, steady stream of revenue to investors because they are based on several levels of fail-safes and protections that mortgage liens can provide. They are also secured by personal guarantees from our borrowers, adding an additional element of security to our investments.