Mortgage Help

Why use a Mortgage Agent?

Most people know about Insurance Agents. You could spend the day calling around to all the various insurance companies looking for the best terms on car insurance, or you could call an Insurance Agent to do the research for you. A Mortgage Agent works pretty much the same way. Benson Mortgages Agents work with over 30 different lenders to uncover not only the mortgage products with the best rate, but equally importantly the mortgage products with the right set of terms to fit your individual situation. Visiting a bank yourself gives you access to that bank’s products and that bank’s rates.

But not all banks offer the best rates on any given product, and not all banks offer the product which might best suit your needs. A Mortgage Agent is a licensed professional who knows the mortgage products offered by all the lenders, including the major banks, but also those products offered by lesser known lenders which might be uniquely suited to your situation. These lenders often offer rates or conditions the banks won`t offer you. The question is: do you want to be limited by the selection of products offered by your financial institution, or would you you rather have a professional Mortgage Agent working on your behalf to find the mortgage that`s right for you?