For professional mortgage brokers in the Greater Toronto Area, including Aurora, Thornhill, Newmarket, Markham, Richmond Hill and North York, contact Benson Mortgages on 416 477 5500.


Besides helping you to refinance your current mortgage at a lower competitive interest rate (*APR), Benson Mortgages also offers a variety of other lending services, including debt consolidation and first mortgages for new home owners.


Frequently Asked Questions


Q. Who are the financial contributors? 

A. We work with a private pool of lenders, trust companies, credit unions, finance companies, chartered banks, loan corporations and more on your behalf.

Q. Do I need to get mortgage insurance? 

A. Insurance is available and recommended as a mortgage is a large debt and should be protected. You may want to check with your current insurance broker about what they have available or ask us! 

Q. Can I get a land transfer tax refund? 

A. If you are a first time home buyer. For more information visit:

Q. How much does land transfer tax cost? 

A. This tax will be calculated using a sliding scale and percentages. It is calculated using your property value.

Q. What kinds of closing costs will be present during the closing of the deal? 

A. Closing cost vary by situation. In general there may or may not be the following costs associated with your closing:

  • Legal & Disbursements
  • Interest Adjustments
  • Land Transfer Tax
  • Prepaid Expenses
  • Property Tax Hold Back
  • Other Fees