About Benson

At Benson Mortgages, you can expect the submission, process and funding your mortgage applications in Canada. You also get updated mortgage news Canada that helps to avail the fastest and the most efficient mortgage solution, currently available.

We have an efficient team of Mortgage Specialists who are capable of saving you thousands of dollars.

Simply put, everything that you need more than just lower rates, you can approach us because we build the business relationship based on trust and quality service. Our diligent service is always at your disposal to provide you the best deals as per your mortgage needs.

Our Mortgage Specialists could save you thousands. Everything you need – we want you to come back. More than just low rates, we believe in relationships and trust. We work tirelessly and do the best for all your mortgage needs.

How Benson Mortgages Can Help You
  • We’re connected with many different types of lenders
  • We pass along our volume discount to get your mortgage rates even lower
  • Friendly, personal attention – each step of the process
  • Less paperwork for you to do
  • Sound, unbiased advice on your financial strategy
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Key Advantages

Benson Mortgages is a combination of relentless professionalism with a warm, personal approach. That’s why you want us on your team.
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Quick, Easy and Secure! Get Pre-qualified Online in Minutes No Credit Check Included
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Your Pre-Qualification Explained within 24 Hours by One of Our Experts We Do Not Share Your Information with Third Parties – 100% Guaranteed Zero Obligation or Cost To You

FOR UP TO $300,000